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Well I've noticed that the owner is the only one who posts in this journal. (I like your writings.)

I'm going to post something I wrote. If you like it I'll post more, if not I'll leave your community, if you want.

The phone rings off the hook
Sitting in a motionless room
Filled with the echos of the screams
from the ones who died tonight.

The echos of a thousand screams
could not wake you up
you cant hear anything anymore
Your ears were frozen years ago
by the emptyness that youve heard
an emptyness that dulls the senses
and leaves you feeling nothing
nothing but cold remorse
for the days when you could feel
too bad those days have shed for you
silence runs through your blood
it creeps down the length of your arm
and travels to anyone you touch
silence is a disease
you wish you had the cure
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