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Hello! My first post oh joy.
let me leave odd silent pauses behind.
here is a story I did at the start of the year for class:
Long ago when the earth was a simple place the air clean and herds roamed freely, well almost. Animals liked to have things their way but none more so than the cats. Some times being ambitious can go a long way and so goes this “tail”.
“Two cats where walking in the forest one cat looks at the other cat and says hey! Let’s take over the world!”
Both cats guffawed loudly. The long white hared cat that had spoken stopped and looked over the crowd that stretched into the forest edge. Some of them were clawing at trees, others preening still much of the crowd sat back on their haunches staring unblinkingly at the two leaders. The whole crowd was a mass of ear flicking, tail swishing flea-ridden cats. Together they resembled a fuzzy disfigured sweater gone horribly wrong.
The white hared cat smirked devilishly.
“ Now that you all know the story of how we got here and our mission of taking over the world is complete. I think this calls for a celebration!”
Every last cat in the crowd yowled their approval. Everyone started mingling with their comrades. “So Cocco what will we do tonight?” said Bush. “What we do every night Bush, continue to rule the world!” Cocco replied. The two rulers laughed heartily, the white albino cat known as Cocco and Bush, the cat that looked like dryer lint. That night catnip circulated through the rowdy partiers with the promise of awkward awakenings and hag overs galore. Cocco awoke with a groan watching as the remaining cats leaving to their proper territories. “Don’t forget to bring back your papers on the Cat’s rein of terror laws!” Cocco shouted fruitlessly at the retreating figures. Knowing that the odds were he’d be lucky if he got one back. Shaking his head hopelessly proved to make his furry kitty brain scream in fierce agony. After rousing a bleary Bush they retreated to their “safe house in an undisclosed location” to plan what was to be done next. Cocco cleared his throat loudly, “Bush we have a problem.” “Blow it up?” said Bush; the affects of the catnip were obviously still ailing him. “No our troops are too far spread we must make a city to gather them in case of an attack.” said Cocco. “Great, how are we going to do that?” Bush grumbled. Cocco sighed as hid companion had once again proven himself useless. “We need to muzzle something to build our great empire” Cocco said as he scratched his chin. “Slaves?” Bush exclaimed. “Yes! Grab the royal kitty litter box! We are gonna plant us some slaves!” purred Cocco.
That day all that could be spared was gathered mostly consisting of kitty litter, rotten catnip and hairballs was buried just beneath the ground and watered. They waited weeks but the only thing that came from the ground was stringy hair. Finally Cocco’s patients was at its end and taking the stringy hair into his mouth he tugged in frustration. Low and behold out popped a creature. The cat army stared “Our slaves have awakened!” There was a silence as all of them stared into the “persons” dull unknowing face. Suddenly it flung out an arm and snatched Cocco from his feet. The other cats ran amongst their leaders yelling “Unhand me fool! You are my slave, you hear me S.L.A.V.E.!” but it was too late. Pale hands shot up from the ground and hundreds of people arose snatching up cats. Soon the whole area was loud with the chorus of cooing humans. And so ended the rein of the cats. Cats to smart for their own good and humans to stupid to realize that they are supped to be slaves.
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