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I'm going to try and make a short story out of this I can hardly ever keep in one perspective some one willing to work with my style would be more then welcome to help me edit my work on this
Title:uhh none so far
rating: uh it has some foul language...like..ass
length: painfully short
don't worry about the first little bit I'm going to tie it in later......the little train says 'I think I can! I think I can! I think I can!'

Five simple ways to perceive the world.
Touch, sight, smell, taste and sound.
Then there’s the mind. No taste, No touch, No smell, no sounds.
“Hello darkness. Are you a mind?”
“can you see a mind?”
“is there a mind to see?”
“then maybe there’s more than a mind, but you see darkness don’t you?”
“what does it look like?”
“that’s not a color.”
“then you don’t see a thing.”

Humid air, chalky cedar and pencil shavings. Cool moist and level, tingling. Dull thuds and shifting fabric. Chancing a peek showed a golden lit badger poster doing the hula.
Scene Analysis?
I am in my bedroom. Sitting at my desk.
Darkness seeped around the edge of vision.
…and I need air
A gasp of air sucked the cool desk closer to his mouth. The world jerked back to 3d.
Suddenly sitting up right off the desk gave a larger line a vision. Sitting on a plush bed revealed a woman bouncing lightly and leaning forward applying a black eye liner in a full length mirror at the end of the bed.
“geroff my bed”
With out turning to face him the fair complexioned female pouted in the mirror.
“why do you need this mirror at the foot of you bed any way? Do get up in the morning and decide ‘oh I think I’ll wear my blue jeans today. My ass looks hideous in these jeans!’”
Swiveling around in his chair he lushly pushed his dark bangs back taking on a high sand paper voice.
“of but john don’t you just love them?”
he trotted in a circle shaking his hips in a mocking fashion.
“ john I looove you!”
“oh low blow Gadrian. You just wait till your not looking and I shove your boxers in your home work folder.”
“So what’s for food?”
“I’m you sister not your slave. Go check the fridge and stop drinking milk out of the carton.” She irritably blew on the eye shadow pad to even it.
“my my groutchy this morning! I am the better man and I will accept your jealously in stride.”
“oh please what do you have to be jealous of?”
“oh how much better my ass looks in these jeans than yours does.”
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